Sunday, June 13, 2010

Birthday with the Bushes in PA

We drove up to Lititz, PA yesterday to celebrate Ed's birthday with his brother, Tom, wife Tina, at their daughter's house. Laura and Mike were great hosts. They have a beautiful house, literally built from the ashes 4 years ago. It burned down in a terrific fire. Their two boys seemed to have somehow escaped my picture taking!

Toby, the dog caught a tonail in the wheelchair ramp, and very inconveniently bled all over the carpet. Laura bandaged it up pretty tight, but he seemed intent on undoing the wrap. He was like a blond Brandy about 7 years in the future!

Going to Laura's house was like opening the door on Tina's house 29 years ago when we first met. They look so much alike!

After lunch we went to a craft fair at the park. Since it was Ed's birthday, I bought myself a red necklace made out of dyed heather that looked like stone. We stopped at the local chocalate factory where we bought some chocolate Wilbur buds. They didn't last long after we got home.
After Laura fed us a second time we celebrated Ed's birthday.  Later, we left for home in a blinding rainstorm. Since it was his birthday, I let Ed pick me up in the garage!

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  1. Paul took Brandy to the vet on Friday and she got her toenails clipped. She was pretty timid about it, and the vet told Paul to hold her muzzle (something I would never have done). So, Brandy has been somewhat standoffish to Paul ever since Friday. She still follows me everwhere somehow I am not to blame.