Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

Brittany and Jasie are leaving today, which is so sad. They spent yesterday close to home, visiting Miss Carol's farm and the Maisel museum across the street. We have such interesting neighbors. Miss Carol told them about the racoons getting stuck in her fireplace, and at Butch's muesum they got to hold a gun that was actually used during the battle at Gettysburg. In this picture they are walking home from Miss Carol's along her little maple-lined lane (that we own).

We had enough time to let Ed open his Father's Day presents, after which he spent a part of his day assembling patio furniture so we could sit on our new deck. He got a new BBQ for Father's day, but some assembly is still required on that, so we broiled our bratwurst in the oven.

Despite the heat we had to take the girls on a walk along the fire trail. Janet joined us and showed us some of the old house foundations along the way. They're so overgrown now that you can barely see them.
In our walk of about 75 minutes we didn't encounter anyone else on the trail. It's like your own private forest!

We finished our walk through the construction zone of our new road. They seem to have the drainage pipes all laid now. I got Ed to pose with this truck.

I took Brittany's picture in this front end loader. We thought Crystal would enjoy seeing Brittany's Top Model pose.

We finished the day with a private concert (one song--O, Divine Redeemer) for Miss Carol followed by crepes made by Jasie. It couldn't have been a nicer day.


  1. When you get you Bar-B-Q up and running Sam's Has some really good brats. We broke down on Saturday and got a Samsclub membership. We went to Sam's to see if we could get Paul a shirt like Ed's and got a new tent instead. We went to three Sam's Clubs but could only find yellow shirts...even Paul has some fashion standards.

  2. We got our brats at Sam's club. They were wierd ones--like garlic mozzarella, but they tasted great. Too bad about the shirts. Yellow isn't so bad...

  3. Both Paul and I thought the Yellow was to bright.