Friday, June 18, 2010


We took Jasie with us to Piney Run Park yesterday. Carroll County, where we live, has it's own lake, and we were excited to rent kayaks on the lake. Unfortunately, a light breeze caused enough whitecaps that they wouldn't rent boats out. I was apparently the only one in the party who was truly disappointed. We ended up going to downtown Sykesville and buying a nice sideboard for our kitchen nook in one of the cute shops on main street. Kayaking would have been a lot cheaper!

We ate dinner at Salerno's last night. It is a restaurant in town that had a special on crabs--$1 each! Since we had no idea how to eat crabs we invited June, my visiting teaching partner to instruct us. She was happy to do us the favor and enjoy a crab meal with us.

The Maryland blue crabs don't have a lot of meat on them. It took us about 2 hours to eat a half dozen each. It was a lot of work, but somewhat entertaining. The Chesapeake Bay seasoning on the outside gets all over your fingers, and therefore on the crab meat. It was quite tasty. We were glad we had a teacher. We learned how to pull up the apron, crack the crab and clean out the devil and the mustard. We hear people eat a dozen crabs each, but maybe they're more efficient at it than we were. After six each we were plum tuckered out!

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