Thursday, January 13, 2011

Book of Mormon Stickers

I got a Silhouette cutting machine for Christmas and have had fun this week figuring out how to use it. I made some Book of Mormon Action figure stickers for Crystal. She said people in El Salvodor like stickers. My favorite is Ammon, because I like his sheep. I also made Captain Moroni, and
Nephi (the names are written in Spanish),
and Lehi! Ed is too busy to do the artwork for me, so I had to do it myself in CorelDraw. I'm working on Mormon now. Let me know who your favorite figure is, and perhaps I will draw him or her, too! The stickers printed out great on label paper. They even will cut partially through, so they stayed on the backing paper, making them easier to peel. The machine does vinyl and many other things as well! It's pretty amazing!


  1. I am partial to Ammon (I like the sheep). See

  2. holy moly, that is a sweet machine! I want to see it...