Thursday, January 13, 2011

You Call This Snow?

We got a few inches of snow on Monday. I'm feeling a little jealous of Colorado now, which got 8 inches Sunday. However, the kids here got out of school early on Monday and had no school at all on Tuesday!  And Colorado had business as usual!

As minor as our snow was, we had to shovel it for Ed when he got home Monday evening. His car couldn't make it down the slick driveway! Fortunately, we have a great snowblower, which is worthy of any Colorado storm!


  1. Is that a proper finished driveway I see? Congratulations!

  2. Don't be jealous of our snow, along with the snow we had sub zero temps! Paul wasn't feeling well, so I shoveled out the driveway (our neighbor used his snow blower and did our sidewalk) and it was a real challenge to get up the hill in the morning when the temp was so low. On the other hand, it started to warm up yesterday and on Sunday is is suppose to reach 60. We are planning a flea market trip tommorrow.