Thursday, January 27, 2011


We're without power this morning. Now that it's light outside I'm considering attacking the driveway. That ought to warm me up! It looks like we got about 10 inches of snow yesterday. Too bad Ed isn't here to enjoy it withme!


  1. looks like more than 10 inches to me. Did you gt your power back? Did you attache the driveway?

  2. I not only snowblew the driveway, but also the road, which had not been plowed by the city plows! I dug myself out, went visiting teaching, and when I got home the power was on!

  3. Ahh, It looks relaxing like Narnia. Oh yeah, Narnia isn't very relaxing in the books. but the billowing snow does make it look very peaceful, which I equate with delightful.