Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What's for Lunch?

Hot Pot! Brittany and John took us to their favorite restaurant in Provo. John likes to talk Chinese to his friend, the proprieter. They give you a boiling pot of broth and spices. Then, you put in your meat and vegetables and wait for them to cook. It was delicious and adventurous at the same time. Despite my love for adventure we didn't add any of the squid to our pot!


  1. Provo has certainly changed since we went to schoold there. Hard to believe a vegan could find happiness in a chinese restaurant.

  2. Pass along the address, we may visit it when we are there in another 6 weeks!

  3. this my favorite place to eat in Provo too! I love the hot pot, but the best things they have are the steamed buns. oh man I miss those!