Thursday, January 6, 2011

David Visit

My brother David, who lives in North Carolina, was the second sibling to stop by to visit us in Maryland. Both my brothers have been here, but none of my 4 sisters! Go figure!

We walked the fire road before dinner. Fortunately, as we walked through the farm next door Lenny thought to lend us a little flashlight. By the time we climbed up the hill to cut home through the Maisel's back yard it was very dark (and spooky). Without the flashlight we might still be wandering aimlessly in the woods!

Ed and Coda sit and visit as David cuts tomatoes for our Tuscan Shrimp on Cannelloni (white beans). It was fun catching up with David. We can't wait to visit his two homes (one in the city, and one on the water) and go boating in one of his fleet of 11 boats!

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