Sunday, January 9, 2011

Say What?

Ed and I went to Stake Conference today, but didn't get a word out of it! The video at our building was fine, but the audio only worked intermittently. It was almost noon when we realized they would not be able to get it fixed. Ed asked if I wanted to leave (as had half the congregation). I said if I had stuck it out this long I could last another 10 minutes!

Amanda, who had attended at the Stake Center, told us the Stake President encouraged us to develop charity. We were not feeling the love this morning, sitting quietly in the dark for 45 minutes before anyone informed us what was going on! This ranks right up there with the week the fire alarm went off during Sacrament meeting--just as memorable, but not nearly as much fun!

1 comment:

  1. The only thing missing from this picture is ear horns. You guys are tooooo funny.

    The only exciting thing that happens in our sacrament meeting is someone might say "duty". My kids think that temple duties are especially funny. I of course don't know what they're snickering at.