Sunday, July 3, 2011

Gettysburg Anniversary

We went with Barbara and Kent to Gettysburg yesterday and were there for the commemoration of 148 years to the date of the battle. Fortunately, the weather was a little milder for us than it was for the soldier that day. There were more people than we've ever seen at the park, but the park has a surprising ability to  accommodate hoardes of people.

All the graves of the fallen (Union) soldiers were decorated with small flags. It was reflective walking through the cemetery and thinking back on the sacrifices made by these soldiers and their families.

We met some sharpshooters at Little Round Top, that gave us a clear idea of what it was like on the field of battle. Barbara and Kent wanted to enlist, but we persuaded them to come back home with us. We took them to our favorite Hawaiian shave ice stand last night instead.

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  1. You gave Barb and Kent a trip they will always remember.