Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

After church this morning we took Barbara and Kent for a little walk along the fire road. It was pretty hot and humid, giving them a real taste of Baltimore summer weather! It is so green in the woods that it looks like a rain forest!

Barbara and I had fun taking a few close-up pictures of ourselves.

We were so fortunate to be invited to Lenny and Kay's Crab-B-Q in the afternoon. We learned the fine art of eating a crab the Maryland way! (Break off the legs, pull down the apron, crack the crab, clean out the devil and the mustard and eat whatever's left!)

We also got to go down to the meadow and pet the horses before we brought them up for feeding time. Lenny introduced Barbara and Kent to Bali Ha'i. She was very sweet.

We finished up our day with a visit to our neighbor, Butch Maisel's military history museum. It never ceases to amaze! He is very close to having a permanent location to display his items at the private school where he teaches. He had researched the can opener that Ed Melzer had given him last year and had found out that it was a German made can opener from WWII. He has it on display in his spoils of war exhibit!

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