Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Visit from Kim

It's been 6 months since Amanda left on her mission. And it's also been six months since we've seen her good friend, Kim. We  were fortunate to have Kim drop by for dinner last night. She's finished her Master's degree, but is as busy as ever, and it took us several weeks to find a date that would work for her!

It was great to see her again and catch up on the activities of the singles in the stake. From day to day nothing seems to happen, but over a period of 6 months lots of things had happened! As you can tell from the picture, she is doing great and had lots of things to tell us. I don't want to jinx any of it by writing it on my blog. Let's just say, things are looking up for Kim!


  1. Crazy, even Coda will pose for your blog pics :)

  2. And can I just say, six months? Wasn't it just yesterday?