Saturday, July 9, 2011

Working Around the House

Ed had the day off yesterday, and we stayed home to do things around the house. Crystal and I didn't make it over to the gym, but we found yard work can also be a pretty strenuous workout.

Crystal mowed the lawn for Ed. She enjoyed getting out on the driving mower, but was a little tentative on the inclined areas. Luckily, her worst fears (tipping over while mowing) didn't materialize.

I cleaned the abandonded birds nests out from under our deck. There were five of them, and four of them had eggs in them. It was too bad we never got to see the babies hatch.

We took the tractor over to the farm to pick up a golden raintree to transplant to our yard. Crystal and Coda rode over in the back. The tree didn't have a root ball, so it was really like bringing home a very long stick.

While we were there we stopped in to visit Miss Carol who returned from rehab yesterday. Look, I caught a picture of her NOT wearing the boot that her doctor told her she must wear all the time! Some people in her circle of friends think she should be following the doctor's orders more rigorously! We also think she liked it so much at the rehab center that she is deliberately sabotaging herself in hopes they'll send her back to Fairhaven where she made so many new friends!

We returned home in a pouring rain. After not having had much rain in a month, we have really had a couple of good downpours the last two days. We went out to dinner at the Hibachi Grill (giant oriental buffet) while we waited for the rain to stop. Fortunately, we still have all day Saturday to finish our work!

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  1. Love the birds nest. It looks like something I could practice painting.