Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hammock Chairs

We spent another Saturday working around the house. I did some weeding and made 3 trips to Home Depot, one to Ace Hardware, and one to the county dump. Crystal fed the horses. Ed changed the handle on the new refrigerator so it would open in the right direction, then he had to put in a new GFI outlet in the basement kitchen. By the time he finished mowing the lawn he was starting to get pretty tired.

But, his work was not done until he hung our two new hammock chairs! He and Crystal gave the chairs the thumbs up! Even Coda liked them!

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  1. I am exhausted just hearing about how busy you were this weekend. It was so hot here, so, I pretty much slept the whole weekend. Paul bought another new-old car on Friday so he spent most of the weekend working-slash-playing with it. I will post all about the car as soon as I get a picture.