Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I joined a gym in April, and have been dragging Crystal along with me to do some cardio and weights. We don't think it is all that much fun, but last week we added a little racquetball to the mix. Now that is fun!

I'm proud to say there is still one sport my children can not beat me at. In order to make it more fun we came up with a new way to score. I can not score on my serve unless Crystal returns it and it becomes a rally. In other words, acing a serve is almost the same as a short or long ball. I have to serve again. This has been lots of fun, and Crystal wants me to announce to the blogosphere that she beat her Mom in racquetball today! She is coming along great. Wouldn't it be great if she beat me with regular scoring before she goes back to college next month? Unlikely, I say!!


  1. Oh, your poor baby. You never could let anyone win :)

  2. What are you going to do once Crystal goes back to school?