Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Miss Carol has another Birthday

Yesterday we had Miss Carol over for her birthday. Crystal made the cutest farm cupcakes! It was the first time we had used fondant, and it turned out to be pretty fun!

We were glad Miss Carol was home from rehab so she could come over. She gets around pretty well with her walker, but has to go pretty slow on the stairs. She goes up with the good leg first and down with the bad leg first. That's what she learned in three months of rehab!

Crystal took pictures of the horses yesterday, then printed and framed them. They turned out beautiful, and the gift was a big hit!

After dinner, thanks to the convenience of the golf cart, we were able to take Miss Carol around the back of the house and into the basement. It was nice that she could see how it turned out. She was a good sport and walked around the entire basement. I wonder if she's going to be tired this morning!


  1. Love the cupcakes, and the pictures of the horses. It's a great gift, but I will bet the best gift was to finally be out of rehab.

  2. How nice!! Love, love, love the cupcakes!! Sooo cute! I like the gift too. I'm sure she had a very nice time.