Thursday, July 14, 2011

Violin Lesson

Doris was the lucky winner of music lessons at the Relief Society service raffle in the spring. I agreed to teach her everything she needs to know about the violin in three easy lessons. That just about might cover everything I really know about the violin, anyway. We started out with Mary Had a Little Lamb today. We're hoping to get through Soldier's Joy before the lessons are over.

This afternoon Crystal and I picked up a refrigerator for the basement. If we hadn't been so overwhelmed we might have taken a picture of us cramming it into the back of my car (laying on its back). Let's hope it still works! We had to strap the hatchback so it was half shut. Then we got to listen to the door warning beep all the way home. To make it even more fun, it didn't fit through the basement's sliding glass door. We had to take the door off, which wasn't easy, as we found out the rollers were not screwed in properly. Ed will be so proud of us when he comes home from Harvard tomorrow. We THINK we got everything all back together just perfect!


  1. Wished I lived close enough to take lessons. I just acquired a cello...long story. But what am I supposed to do with it? Naji starts orchestra in a month, but he can't play viola and cello.

  2. Learning to play the violin in three easy lessons, huh? Wish I could learn to draw in three easy lessons.