Saturday, October 22, 2011

Back to Work

The party (wedding) is over, and we're back to a normal Saturday again. Ed has a master plan to reclaim some of the back yard from the forest. It will be really nice. He mowed the weeds today in preparation for putting grass in in the spring.
I cleaned out the rocks before he mowed. This wouldn't have been such a big job if I hadn't thrown a bunch of rocks down there this summer. I had been collecting new rocks for my drainage area, which I plan to finish up in the spring. After all the heavy labor I rested with Coda on a hammock chair.

Every day is a play day for Coda. Miss Carol let the pugs through the fence to play with her this afternoon. It was fun watching them frolic!

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  1. Now Coda will be expecting to play with the pugs everyday.