Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wedding Videos

Thanks to John's sister, Amy Squires, we have some nice video of Brittany and John's wedding!

At the groom's luncheon, they played (and Brittany sang) an Appalachian murder ballad, Down By the Willow Garden. In the song the boy kills his beloved, Rose Connelly. This might not seem appropriate for a wedding, but  they only know songs in this genre, so you have to sing what you know!

John sang a very touching song to Brittany called "Ill Be Your Mirror."

Then, John tells how he fell in love with Brittany when she could correctly identify the name of the Klingon Tribunal. She, in turn tells how she first noticed his zest for life when he brought her to see some foreclosure homes through an open window and over a pile of broken glass.

The highlight of the reception was the Contra Dance, which was fun for all ages. This video was taken by the Squires children.

This video has no actual dancing, but is the instructional part of a dance. We had a great caller that had fun but simple dances. You can see how beautiful the hall was with a roaring fire going!

John and Brittany had their first waltz to the tune Ashokan Farewell.

Thanks to Amie for helping us preserve these wonderful memories!

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