Friday, October 21, 2011

Dancing Day

Thanks to Ed Melzer, I now have some pictures to post of the dancing at Brittany and John's wedding! Here Brittany is waltzing with her father!

We had a three piece band, a fiddle, a guitar and a hammered dulcimer. The contra dance caller (on the right), was Mike Cottle. He did a fantastic job!

Many of the dances were done in circles, where you then switched partners.

We were glad the guests all joined in on the dancing (except for some of the really old and frail ones, which we will not call out by name here)!

The bride and groom set the example by   dancing the first several dances with us.

If you were at the wedding and you were a fun person, perhaps you can find yourself in one of these pictures!

The roaring fire really gave it the feeling of a fall party.

It was fun for all ages, although, I think a few small children might have been slightly injured when we circled too vigorously!

We slowed the pace down a bit for the waltzing!

It was so much fun, it makes me want to have another wedding!

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  1. Great pictures. These shots are so much better than the ones I took. I do have one of Ed and Carol and one of Mt Nebo I plan on posting, as soon as I get over my blogger's block.