Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fudge Factory and Birthday Wishes

We arrived in Salem in time to help pack 300 small boxes each with 1 piece of Grandpa Ed's homemade fudge. We also got to taste some of the trimmings, and it's great! If you come to Brittany's wedding Friday, don't forget to look for your party favor!

Then we met at the Golden Corral for dinner, where we met 5 of John's siblings, as well as his parents and nieces and nephews. The sixth sibling hadn't arrived from Texas yet. We thought John looks a lot like his brother James (left). Brittany said it was a little surprising to be called Aunt Brittany!

We had the opportunity to wish Brittany a happy birthday, as well. Her birthday almost got swallowed up in the wedding preparations!

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