Saturday, October 15, 2011

The New Nuttall Family

Brittany and John's wedding day was the best day ever! They were married in the Provo temple in the morning with a host of friends and family to support them. I have a married daughter!

Brittany was so lucky to have both of her sisters there to support her. And they did a lot of that yesterday! Crystal did (and re-did) her hair. Amanda chauffered the bride and groom from the temple to the luncheon to the reception. And they both were up late transporting the wedding gifts back to town.

It is great to have a new son in our family. Amanda took this nice candid shot outside the temple which shows that Crystal has already accepted him as a brother!

It was wonderful that all my siblings were able to come to the wedding. Here we are in birth order--Verlene, Annette, Judy, Barbara, David, Joan and, last but not least, Jon!

John, the groom, is the last of 7 children to get married. So, his siblings brought their children to the wedding. I think there were 45 or so, but I might have counted a few twice. They were magnats to water, and found the fountains and streams at the temple, the luncheon, and the reception irresistible

Even Brandy, Verlene's dog, made it to the temple. We won't tell Coda, as it might make her jealous!

Marti and Ellis, freshly arrived from Africa, as you can see by Marti's dress, hosted a great luncheon at Magleby's in Springville. One of the highlights of the luncheon was Brittany and John singing one of their Appalachian murder ballads, and playing banjo and mandolin.

Ed cleaned up real nice in his brown tux with the gold vest. He just gets better looking every year!

This was the fun table (based solely on their youthfulness). We have Jasie to thank for the entire event. She is the mutual friend, though whom Brittany and John met each other. She's the third form the right in the picture! Thank you Jasie!

The reception was at the Rehearsal Hall at Sundance ski resort. It was like having a destination wedding right in your own back yard. The mountain setting, and the rustic mountain lodge feel were perfect. Our decorator,, did a wonderful job. The food was great, and the Sundance catering staff very helpful.

Our photographer was my niece, the world-famous Nichole V. Check out her work at We were so lucky she could squeeze us in between her trips to Australia and the many workshops she does. She got a few more final pictures of the bride and groom out by the waterfall.

Nikki's husband Dave was with her every step of the way. They took pictures of every combination of family group you could imagine. Here is Dave holding the light pole, while Nikki captures the greater Nuttall family.
My mom and step-dad were radiant, and I think I can say they were the oldest people at the reception. Ed Melzer turns 90 next month! We are so grateful they are still with us to enjoy such a wonderful family day.

We were so grateful to see so many family and friends come to the reception. We wished we had more time to visit with you all! It was such a wonderful surprise to have so much support.

The highlight of the evening was the contra dance, and we appreciated the fact that so many of the guests were game to try it! We had a three piece band and a caller, which kept the fun rolling. Sadly, I didn't get a single picture of the band or the dancing! Here is a plea to all of you that read my blog: PLEASE post a link to some pictures of the dancing. Any pictures would be wonderful, and a video posted on youtube would be fantastic! Just post the link in the comments section of the blog. That would make my joy complete! Thanks for helping us celebrate Brittany and John's wedding. We love you all!


  1. Brittany looks beautiful! Congratulations--wish we could have been there.

  2. Best wedding every and the party of the Century! Sorry I can't send you any pictures (I can't seem to find my camera. I'm not sure it made it home with me.)