Saturday, October 29, 2011

Habibs and Ghosts

We went to dinner last night with the Weatherbees at Habib's. We hadn't been there in months, and the Ashe-e Reshteh soup (with lentils, kidney beans, vermicelli, onions, mint, sour cream, onions, herbs) really hit the spot on a cold evening. We had a great time visiting and laughing louder than the management might have liked. We stayed late, as we had plans to attend the 9 p.m. ghost tour of Sykesville. The Weatherbees backed out of the ghost tour either because: 1) Gordon had a cold, or 2) because they were afraid. You be the judge!

The ghost tour was lots of fun. The town crier (what town has it's own official town crier?) led us around downtown, explaining where and when ghosts have been detected. We also learned a lot about the history of Sykesville. 

We checked our pictures for orbs after we got home. The closest we came was this random, unattached hand sticking out of Ed's back!

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  1. Looks like you all(s) are practicing for Christmas.