Thursday, May 3, 2012

All for the Birds

My friend, Barb, told me that goldfinch particularly like Nyger seed, and that you put it in a cylinder feeder. So, I had to try it out. Boy, was she right. I put this up on Tuesday and they've already eaten their way through a quarter of the feeder! Here are three little birds feeding. It would be fun to get a picture of 9 feeding at once (as there are nine holes in the feeder)!

Apparently nobody likes blackbirds. I'm guessing this is a red-winged blackbird, with maybe a house sparrow looking down at it. Nobody feeds when the blackbird is at the trough.

The cardinal and a purple finch decided to feed from the dregs below the feeder. That's dangerous territory, but there's a lot of good stuff down there! I later got to watch Simon, Miss Carol's cat, sneak up on the feeder and jump at a finch. He narrowly escaped with his life!

Ed and Coda were entertained watching me watch the birds! Coda is such a lap dog. This is the way she sits on our lap. She never curls up and settles in, but she's happy to sit upright on our lap as long as she's getting a good scratch. Ed is always happy to oblige!

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  1. I see you and Ed are going to the birds.