Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cuatro de Mayo

We celebrated Cinco de Mayo a day early. Last night Ed had friends from work over for dinner. Neither Debra nor Bob was able to make our basement warming party last summer, so they came over last night with their spouses. I made my famous tortilla soup, Mexican Spareribs, Chevy's sweet corn tomalitos, and corn salsa dip. I also cleaned the house! (I felt like superwoman!) Debra brought a great fruit salad and Lori made some tres leches cake, which was delicious.

We not only had a fun evening, but we got to keep a lot of the leftovers and celebrate Cinco de Mayo once more today!


  1. I had a paint in on Saturday, and one of the gals (Ginny) who decorates cakes for a living made a tres leches cake with strawberries on top. It was so over the top...I brought cookies from Costco.

  2. Ed is always such a good sport to pose in your photos, always smiling, too. You must make him very happy! Tell him I said hi :)