Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Happy Mother's Day

Today was a happy Mother's Day for so many reasons. Ed did his best to make it that way. He cooked dinner all by himself, and even cleaned up ALL the dishes! I wasn't feeling well enough to help him, and he really stepped up his game!

His Chicken Penne Pasta with vegetables was delicious! And I was feeling well enough that I had no problem eating it!

We started out the day by talking to Amanda in Germany. It was so great to hear her voice and her enthusiasm. She got to talk in church today. It was also Mother's Day in Germany. She talked about Christlike attributes and told me some nice things she said about me. It made me happy.

We talked to Brittany in Utah. She is doing great. She says John shaved his beautiful head of hair. I wonder if Brittany feels like Delilah!

Crystal Skyped from Idaho, having just returned from a quick trip to Utah to take an English test. She's only got about 6 more weeks left in her internship, but has found that she really likes Idaho! Who knew?

I called my Mom, who drove to Colorado on Saturday all by herself! She's there to help my sister, Verlene. Verlene is in Wichita and needs some help with Paul and the dog! I was very proud that my mother, at 83, could still make that drive! She's really incredible! It was a happy Mother's Day. I even felt well enough to take a little walk this evening! Things are really looking up!

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