Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lotta Water!

I was really good at surfskiing this morning. Rachael, here, shows how it is done. Aside from one dip in the water, I was able to keep my balance and paddle at the same time. It was a lot harder than kayaking, but moved quicker! Unfortunately, it turns out I can get seasick on just a small boat. After I threw up, Rachael was kind enough to have me walk the boat to shore (in the shallow water). Ed didn't get seasick, but decided kayaking was more his speed!

After lunch we went into Bath to see the sights. We found they were having a crab parade (painted crabs all over town). Finding a blue crab at the museum made us feel right at home!

We enjoyed the tour of the Palmer House (built in 1751), but had some difficulties with the tour guide who told us on more than one occasion to  listen up better and not make her repeat things! We thought we might enjoy making an SNL skit called "Touchy Tour Guide." We got a lot of fodder for it today!

We stopped in Washington and bought some Dramamine so I could enjoy my ride in the Pony, (an 18 foot sailboat). They even let me take the rudder, which was pretty fun. After a while I realized the Dramamine wasn't going to do the trick, so they brought me back to shore! I felt like such a party pooper, because it was so fun to be out in the water and the breeze!

As a consolation for our shortened sail, David took Ed out and taught him how to sail the Sunfish all by himself! He loved it, and they stayed out quite a while. Rachel and I didn't mind as we sat on the screened porch and gave each other pedicures! So we have pretty toenails, but the men don;'t!

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