Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pearl Strings at the South Carroll Senior Center

The Pearl Strings performed at the South Carroll Senior Center yesterday. It went well and we had a terrific time. I'm posting a mixture of videos here. Some are from the dress rehearsal for our families Sunday night, and other's from the senior center.

Our first Song was the Red Haired Boy and Miss McLeod's Reel. This was our only instrumental (no vocals).

We loved the Buffalo Gals Undergarments song. We got this from our friends the Gabardine Sisters. It has a little peek at our pantaloons at the end.

Grandma's Feather Bed was so much fun. I got to play a little jaw harp on the third verse!

We combined A Bicycle Built for Two with Brittany, Darling, Oh Will You Be Mine. The latter is an original song I wrote about my daughter's courtship and marriage. It has a little parallel with a tandem bicycle and a scooter.

Alisa's Daughter Ella steals the show with her solo on Shortnin' Bread!

My sister Joan suggested we do Horse with No Name. It was really hard for us to get the rhythm going on it, but when we finally got it we really enjoyed it. Then, we added the harmonies and it became very listenable.

We didn't get the entire Lover's Waltz in one video, but I patched together parts of the recording at our home with the recording from the senior center. It's missing only 5 measures in the middle!

We added a little Indian drum for Red Wing.

We worked the hardest on When You're Next to me. Getting the rests in the right places wasn't easy! When we finally got it we were smugly satisfied!

I got to play the cello standing up on Shall We Gather at the River. It was easier that way, as I was singing, as well. I might do it again, as it was rather fun!

Our new signature sign-off song is God Be With You Till We Meet Again. Here it is!


  1. That was so fun, thanks for posting it all! I loved it! What a great season.

  2. That was awesome! Your German fan Susann :)

  3. Yeah! I finally have a moment to tell you how much I enjoyed your videos. I loved the harmonies and arrangements -- What a great group!

  4. What a great group you've got going Judy! Thanks for posting!