Sunday, May 20, 2012

Choir Pot Luck

Saturday night the choir had an end of season pot luck at our house. We've had a wonderful year together, and we're going to be taking the summer off. It was fun to have a reason to get together and just talk. We had tons of good food, and the weather was so beautiful, which was great for those of the choir fortunate enough to get a chair on the deck.

Alisa, in the back, has done a great job as choir director. Ed and I like to think of the choir as a 'club' that's fun to belong to. I sit by Tricia and try to follow her lead. When we're not singing I spend my time trying to keep Tricia from talking to me and getting us in trouble. It's a hopeless task.

The choir sang Joseph's Smith's First Prayer today. It was a nice arrangement and had nothing to do with muffins, despite the lyrics some ot the men were singing at practice.

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