Sunday, October 20, 2013

Amanda's Day to Shine

The main event yesterday was Amanda's appearance in the University of Minnesota Duluth's performance of Die Fledermaus. But Amanda also wanted to show us all that Duluth has to offer. We started the day with a visit to the Enger tower, which had a beautiful view of Duluth and Lake Superior.

Amanda's friend Kim drove all the way out from Baltimore to see the show. She stopped in Chicago, where she saw some taller buildings, but nothing that would diminish the beauty and uniqueness of Duluth's own reach into the skies.

The day dawned a bit crisp, but turned into a lovely fall day. We were grateful that so many of the trees still had enough leaves left to provide a beautiful splash of color everywhere.

We took a beautiful drive along the North Shore of the lake and stopped for a great lunch at the Rustic Inn. On the way back we dropped in at Betty's Pies where we (and apparently, half of Minnesota) purchased a couple of Betty's famous pies. We got Brumbleberry and Blackberry Peach!

We couldn't resist stopping to take a picture of this giant chicken. I've enjoyed the pictures my sister Annette has shared of giant animal statues in North Dakota, where she is serving a mission with her husband, Kent. Apparently, people of Nordic ancestry seem to have a penchant for large animal monuments.

In the afternoon we toured the University campus and visited some of Amanda's haunts. We also enjoyed seeing Arnold Friberg's illustrations of Canadian Mounties in the Tweed art Museum.

The main event, however was Amanda's performance last night, as Rosalinde in the school production of Die Fledermaus. It was fabulous! It is a fun and lively operetta, and the cast did a terrific job. The scenery was so beautiful I wish I had been allowed to take pictures to share. Amanda's voice was terrific, and she seemed completely comfortable nailing all her high C's. Her acting skills were raised to new heights in this production, where she appeared flirtatious, yet decisive as a wife mildly considering a fling with her old beau only to find out her husband has a similar idea.

We were so proud of Amanda and grateful to be able to fly out and enjoy her performance!

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