Saturday, October 5, 2013

Literary Sojourn

We got up bright and early and went for a crisp walk this morning, then made our way over to the Sheraton to the 21st annual Steamboat Springs Library-sponsored Literary Sojourn. We got a nice table in the rear and enjoyed a lovely lunch.

We had thought we might not enjoy the authors as much as usual this year, but 4 of them were really good speakers. Jess Walters was the funniest, but they all had some good stores and talked about the creative process. Emma Donnaghue was fun to listen to because she was Irish and had a cool brogue.

Rather than stay and have the authors sign our books (mine were all on Kindle), we went back downtown for a little shopping. Martha, Diane and I all got matching jackets, which we loved! Then we came back to the condo to eat some snacks and talk about the authors behind their backs! Although we thought there were some great authors a large number of the books this year were downers. Next year we hope they have a couple of optimists in the bunch!

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