Sunday, October 20, 2013

Rainy Sunday in Duluth

It rained all day in Duluth, but nothing could dampen our spirits. We were so glad it wasn't snowing! We started the day attending church in the Duluth ward. They are geographically even larger than our ward in Maryland! The boundaries go out for at least an hour in every direction!

After church Amanda had to go to the opera, so Kim and Ed and I took the walking tour of Duluth. We drove out to Park Point, a very long sandbar with homes, marinas and beaches.

Kim said the water was cold, so we decided not to go in. The rain and overcast gave the day a very mysterious feel to it.

The swarms of seagulls were reluctant to give up their spots in the parking lot. This lent even more to the Alfred Hitchock feel of the day.

We walked around Canal park and saw the lift bridge that goes up when a ship comes in.

We were happy to be invited to dinner by the Faerbers, Amanda's Minnesota family. They are the parents of her missionary companion and have been so kind to her since she's been here. She even stayed with them for the first month after she arrived in town.

They are the perfect substitute family for Amanda. After dinner Marissa pulled out her cello, and together with Brother Faerber on piano and Amanda singing, they practiced a song they are going to perform in church next week. It was so beautiful the first time through. It was just like home! We loved it. Ed and I traveled back to Minneapolis after dinner, but we left happy, knowing that Amanda is in good hands!

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  1. My daughter just got back from Mn. I saw the same bridge you and Ed stood in front of in her pictures. How fun it was to see the Faerbers. We knew them almost 25 years ago when Brother Faerber was the choir director for 2 of our boys. What a fine man and musician. Tell them hi from the Lorimers if you get a chance.