Monday, October 7, 2013

Crafty Day at Verlene's House

Kent is on furlough the past week, so he was home to make Crystal and I breakfast this morning. He made some great scrambled eggs for us with peppers and cheese. He also had us taste his fish oil daily supplement. It wasn't good enough to make us want to take it on a regular basis, but it was better than castor oil!

Crystal and I joined Verlene for a craft day today. We started out learning how to batik--with a combination of water colors and wax.

Batik was my favorite activity of the day, because I thought my picture turned out terrific--just as good as Crystal and Verlene's.

We thought about putting the pictures on cards, but they were so beautiful I think we might have to frame them!

We took a break for lunch at a Greek restaurant, where I had the Athenian special. It was fun to have lamb meat, something we don't get often in Maryland!

Then we got started on our coasters out of Roc-lon fabric. I had to do mine over after my color combination turned to mud. I decided to copy Crystal's color scheme after that.

These are the front and back of Crystal's,  Verlene's and my coasters. It may have taken a long time, but we were happy with the results.

 I was excited to learn how to get shrinky dinks to shrink without bubbling, wrinkling and getting stuck to themselves. It turned out that Verlene was not yet an expert in that skill, and we went through a good deal of misery trying to get these ornaments to look right. Except for part of my penguin we were mostly successful. We would love any helpful hints on Shrinky Dinking!

We wore Crystal out. It turns out you can really have too much of a good thing. Next time we'll limit ourselves to two projects. Our enthusiasm is sometimes greater than our energy! Hopefully, we'll be all rested and ready to go to the airport bright and early tomorrow!


  1. We might have worked through the shrinky dink issue in a more thoughtful way if we weren't so tied by the time we started. By that time we just wanted to get 'er done.

    I forgot that all the decorative painters (except me) applied a base coat to the coasters, then 'sponged' on the complement color(s). I will try to post a step by step demo before you go to UT. I am going to blame this omission on cranial gas

  2. Why do I feel like I always miss out on all the fun :(

  3. We missed out on not having you there too!