Monday, October 7, 2013

Down From the Mountain

We left Steamboat Springs yesterday on a beautiful fall day. We especially enjoyed the low lying mists laying in the valleys as we drove through the mountains.

Martha and Diane recommended we have a potty stop in Georgetown, mostly because they have a beautiful new visitors center there.

I was dropped off in Lakewood and Barbara and Kent took me for a little walk around Bear Creek Reservoir. It was amazing to see the water level during the flooding. You can see the brown leaves behind us. Everything that wasn't under water is yellow in the picture. Apparently, the reservoir did what it was intended to do do and kept Bear Creek from flooding.

Crystal and I watched Conference with Barbara and Kent, then enjoyed elk roast, thanks to my sister, Annette. Apparently, when she cleaned out her freezer when she and Kent went on their mission to Bismark. Barbara was beneficiary of her largesse, and I was lucky enough to be a part of it as well.
We ended up with one more walking tour of Lakewood along with Barbara's friend, Diane. It is fun to get my fix of beautiful outdoors Colorado!


  1. The snow in the mountains looks so beautiful this time of year, come March same picture will not be so good lookin'.

  2. I enjoyed our visit immensely. Thanks for stopping by:)