Sunday, December 28, 2014

Belated Christmas Day

We celebrated Christmas day on the 27th, while the rest of the world was out at Kohl's exchanging their gifts.

Crystal won the prize for the coolest wrapping job. She made our names in wrapped wire on each gift. That's some wrapping you can't throw away!

After opening our gifts we were serenaded by Amanda plying new Christmas songs on the accordion.

Brittany and I both got hammered dulcimers. It was a two person job tuning them both up.

John and Nolan figured out how to pair their new wireless headphones.

After we finally got dressed we moved down to the basement for our first Whistling Prairie session. We worked on Heard From Heaven Today and Go Tell the Fox, both great song choices by Crystal.

Afterwards, because it was my fake Birthday, everyone got in the kitchen and cooked dinner for me. I liked that a lot!

The Mexican pozole turned out even better than last year's attempt. It is a fun Christmas tradition we've borrowed from John's family.

Someone had too much fun! Imagine my surprise when I downloaded my pictures this morning and found the family had taken pictures of me sleeping by my dulcimer instruction book. It was a Merry Belated Christmas and Birthday!

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