Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Pearl Strings Family and Friends Concert

The Pearl Strings had a full house Sunday evening for their annual family and friends performance. There is nothing like playing for a friendly crowd! We loved it. Here are some of our songs!

I loved Birthday of a King, because I got to play the cello while Jen played the clarinet!

This was about the fastest we had ever taken God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/We Three Kings. It really took Barb and me for a ride! We loved it and, happily, both ended at the same time with the singers!

Every year we find new and beautiful Christmas songs we've never heard before. One Small Child was a perfect example!

From the sublime to the ridiculous! You have to be from Baltimore to truly enjoy Crabs for Christmas!

Don't Take Down the Mistletoe was another new song for us. We loved the sentiment of wanting the holiday feeling to last all year long!

We haven't had snow yet this year, but this version of Let it Snow got us into the spirit. I especially enjoyed showing off my expertise with 6 bells in hand and one under the armpit!

We called this song The Whitest Christmas, but I believe it is really The Lord's Bright Blessings. It is my favorite song from Mr. Magoo's Christmas carol. Barb sings the part of Tiny Tim as the Cratchett family sits around the table and dreams of a brighter Christmas, but also showing gratitude for the gift of family.

The Big Bush Basement Band (B4) meets monthly and is open to anyone 12 and over. We were down a few members on Sunday, so Barb and I played along with them.

This year they played This Tree's on Fire at the Pearl Strings concert. Joannie sang the lead as Joannie Cash!

I'm glad the Pearl Strings have a family and friends concert. It gives Whistling Prairie their one opportunity to perform live, now that we only have a week together to learn and record our album for next year.

Whistling Prairie gave a sneak peak at next year's Christmas CD. We had just enough time to put together a few numbers. I Heard from Heaven Today gave us the perfect chance for the girls to harominize. We are joined by our newest band member, Nolan Hauta on guitar. I get a solo on the accordion, an instrument I don't play! It was great having the band together again!

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