Sunday, December 28, 2014

Belated Christmas Eve

Friday when the rest of the family arrived we celebrated a belated Christmas Eve. It was great to be all together again!

We had a small program where Amanda and Nolan played Sylvia's Christmas Carol for us. Amanda also showed us how her fancy accordion works.

I sang The Little Cradle Rocks Tonight in Glory to see if they thought singing lessons this year had helped my voice. Although it appears I'm not ready for Carnegie Hall, I have made significant improvement in confidence and intonation!

Ed read the Christmas story from Luke 2. Crystal stayed awake the whole time, despite working on only a few hours sleep, a time change and an adjustment from working the night shift the night before!

Afterwards we introduced Nolan to the joys of Farkle. We had a rollicking game, full drum rolls and loud screaming! Crystal was a big winner because she was willing to risk it all!

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