Tuesday, December 16, 2014

There's Always Time for Romance

The Book It Sisters and Friends met last night to review Intertwine by Nichole Van. I hosted it and prepared a Bush version of High Tea to go along with the theme of the book. The last scene takes place in the Pump House in Bath, the quintessential place for High Tea.

After filling our plates we gathered around the TV where we did a Google Hangout with the author, my very talented niece, Nikki. It was fun asking her questions about the book and publishing process. 

The book was a perfect December pick, a fun time travel romance with a spunky protagonist! 

Happily, the second book was released last month, so if you haven't had your fill of romance and adventure, you can purchase (or download) Divine, as well! I enjoyed it just as much as the first book in the series!

To check out the Book it Sisters review of her first book, go to http://bookitsisters.com/intertwine-by-nichole-van/

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