Sunday, December 14, 2014

Bell Ringers at Springfield Presbyterian Church

The Freedom Area Bell Ringers had a concert this afternoon at the Springfield Presbyterian church. It is a cool old building--177 years old, to be exact. It had nice acoustics, to boot!

I played the high C and B on two songs and the low C and B on two songs.

After intermission, Linda gave the audience the chance to ring a few bells, which they really enjoyed. She had them read from color coded words on a power point projection.

I played the cello for Abide With Me. I will be happy never to play this song again! It was a lovely song that caused me such anguish to get in tune! I was happy with my final performance but will never volunteer to play the cello with the bell choir again!

I was so happy after the cello ordeal was over that you can even see me almost smiling as I got back to my bells! My favorite song was Glorious Celebration! I got to ring on almost every note!

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