Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Record Food

I love the title of this post--Record Food. It can refer to the record amount of food we have eaten in the past 5 days. Monday was soup and pie day. It was delicious, and the scales are showing it!

It can also refer to recording music. We practiced all day Monday, and spent Tuesday recording. We were very pleased to finish five songs! Afterwards we left the studio for a day on the town.

We took the family to Hillwood Mansion, to visit the beautiful home of Marjorie Post.

It was so elegant all decked out for the holiday season!

The spacious dining room was all set for Christmas dinner.

There was even a Christmas tree in the bathroom! It's giving me ideas for next year!

We finished with a great meal at Tony's Hibachi Grill. Nothing like a little fire and smoke to whet the appetite!

The food was delicious and plentiful. I'd feel more guilty, but it's the holidays! We'll worry about our waistlines in 2015!

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