Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas in a Low Key

I had a happy Christmas birthday yesterday, which started out with Amanda and Nolan making waffles for us! We didn't open our presents, as we're waiting for Brittany, John and Crystal to arrive today.

We had a bit of a musical day, getting ready for Whistling Prairie to arrive for our marathon recording session.

Amanda and Nolan practiced for a special duet. Coda is saying, "No, Mom, not the accordion and the trombone--TOGETHER!" It was a bit disturbing for her!

We took a leisurely walk along the fire trail. Despite a little slipping and sliding from the mud in the path, it turned out to be a great day to be outside. Coda was especially happy after being cooped up on Christmas Eve!

Amanda and Nolan gave us a little concert in the afternoon. They are playing a Finnish Christmas song in tribute to Nolan's ancestors. His last name is Hauta, and the family immigrated from Finland in the late 19th century.The song is entitled Sylvia's Christmas Song.

We recorded the song in the basement. Nolan is not exactly wearing the cone of shame here, but we felt bad to exile him to the kitchen, as the trombone was loud enough to bleed into the other mics when they sat together.

We ended the day with a lively game of trivial pursuit, in which, I'm happy to say age, experience, and luck of the draw triumphed!

We opened one Christmas present, from our neighbor, Kay. It was a Christmas angel sparkly snow-globe lava lamp. It was the perfect present to open, because we could just sit on the couch and stare at it and watch the colors slowly swirl and change. It felt like Christmas. We're excited about tomorrow to have Christmas again!

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