Monday, June 1, 2015

Grand Tour of Grand Marais

It is fun sharing an apartment. I got to try out my new curling iron on Crystal this morning. I thought her hair looked great!

We were hoping to see some moose on this trip. This is the closest we've gotten so far!

We enjoyed exploring Grand Marais this morning. There was a nice walk along the water to a peninsula called Artists' Point.

It was beautiful, and there were lots of nice rocks for Brittany to rest on!

We sat along the water and listened to Gordon Lightfoot singing the Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald. It helped us appreciate the dangers of the harmless looking Lake Superior.

The walk through the trees almost looked like Colorado. It smelled so fresh.

One of the advantages of being up North in the pre-summer-season, is that there aren't very many people here. We had the tip of Artists' Point all to ourselves!

The Cook County Museum had a nice display of maritime items, as well as some interesting written history. There are a LOT of shipwrecks out there in the lake!

We picked up a few souvenir rocks off the beach to take home.

Crystal wanted to take advantage of our hotel's offer to provide us with paints to decorate our rocks.

Crystal, Ed and John really excelled at rock painting. Brittany and I had fun, too.

We roasted marshmallows around the fire after dinner tonight. The hotel provided all the supplies for s'mores! They're so nice to us here. We met two new friends from "the Cities." That is Minnesota-speak for Minneapolis-St. Paul. They had the fire just right for us when we arrived at the fire pit.

Despite the 50 degree temperatures, we were warm enough today. It was nice sitting close to the fire, however. Tomorrow we'll be moving a little further south, hopefully, raising the temperature a few degrees, as well.

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