Saturday, August 27, 2016

Biking the Provo Parkway Trail

We joined Brittany and John for a bike ride this afternoon. It was Mabel's first time in her new bike trailer. She was pretty interested in it, despite a somewhat bumpy ride!

We followed the Provo River Parkway from Brittany and John's house to Utah Lake. It was an easy five mile ride, following the river and mostly shaded with tall trees.

Ed has been nursing a bruised heel and John has a sprained ankle, so it was nice we found an activity that wasn't too painful for them!

All that exercise made Mabel thirsty. She was glad we brought water bottles!

It was fun to see Utah Lake still had wildlife in it, despite the low water levels. The 3 inches of rain expected in the summer never materialized. Less than an inch fell, and the water levels were dramatically low. It still looks lovely, framed by the mountains on all sides!

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