Thursday, August 4, 2016

Don't Let Your Babies Play with Pinecones

We dropped by to see Mabel last night, to find she was just recovering from a face plant into a pine cone. She was scratched up on her left cheek, and not taking it lightly! Who knew pine cones could be so dangerous?

We had the pool table reassembled yesterday, and decided to go with a new color of felt. It's called Aztec, and we thought it added a real touch of class to the basement family room!

Ed put together the California Closet unit yesterday--our music storage cabinets. I emptied 18 boxes of books into them! One box is still missing. I hope the movers are enjoying my guitar and violin music!

The garage is the only room we haven't organized yet, but until we get rid of cardboard mountain we can't do anything in there! Anybody need some slightly used moving boxes?

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