Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Food Truck Roundup

The little city of Alpine has a food truck roundup each Monday night from 5-9. We thought we'd try it out last night. We got a very good salad and a sandwich at the Cubby's truck.

We'll have to come back next week to try out Waffle Love or Pyromaniacs Pizza!

We sat and ate while we listened to some local talent play and sing music. I think the Pearl Strings would have been a good fit for this venue!

Dinner on the town was a reward for a job well done. Ed and I worked so hard yesterday. I finished the Christmas closet,

as well as the storage closet. I put together 7 shelves for them all by myself!

This is looking back from the storage closet into the Christmas closet in the back. The wooden shelves were here when we moved in. As nice as they are, they didn't fit plastic bins, so we had to add the other shelves. Slowly but surely, the house is starting to take shape!

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