Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fun with Crystal

Crystal and I wandered the trails in Lambert park yesterday morning,but decided to go off road for a shortcut home. We were both lucky to not slide down the ravine on our backsides!

Crystal spent the day as Daddy's little helper. They put together our new BBQ, which was no small feat!

Ed has been working on training Coda to stay within the boundaries of our new invisible fence. We thought she was doing great, till the batteries stopped working and she seemed to forget she couldn't follow us into the street! 

We were happy Crystal was here on Alpine Food truck roundup day. It gave Ed a chance to finally get the piece of pizza he's been hankering for all week. They have a giant wood fire in this truck. Does that sound safe?

We spent the evening in South Jordan. Crystal wanted to see Aunt Barbara's beautiful new house. We ended up walking over to her cousin Eli's house, where we had the best cookies ever from Ruby Snap, and a cozy visit by their firepit. It makes me excited that fall is just around the corner!

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