Tuesday, August 9, 2016

In the Dump

We took 3 loads to the dump today. The first two were cardboard boxes, and the last one was giant bags of bubble wrap. We wondered why so many cars wanted to follow us with this load. I didn't realize how slightly obscene it looks!

The first two loads went to North Pointe transfer station in Lindon, but the third one went to Dunn Transfer station in Orem. The second facility was pretty seedy. It was a real dump!

We stopped by to see Brittany and Mabel in the afternoon. We dropped off a couple of bikes and made a trip to Deseret Industries to drop off a desk for Brittany and John. We at dinner at JCW's Burger Boys. It was good food and good entertainment watching Mabel sucking on her lemon!

Brittany also took us to a pastry shop on Center street where Ed and I got to try our first Kro-nut (croissant donut). I split a delicious dulce de leche one with Brittany! Thank heavens they don't have those in Alpine!

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