Thursday, August 18, 2016

Jenny Oaks Baker Concert with the Nortons

Chuck and Renee got tickets for us to go to the Jenny Oaks Baker concert at the Madsen Recital hall at BYU last night. We went to dinner first, and remembered why we like them so much. It wasn't just because we were young married couples thrown together in the Hawthorne Ward in California. It was because they are really fun and interesting people! We're so glad we live in the same state with them again!

We also enjoyed Jenny Oaks Baker, especially because her children played with her! They were phenomenal! I especially loved the 11 year old cellist. They reminded me of the Bush family band, except they were REALLY good!

The concert was a welcome break for me after two days of weeding. The landscaping in our new house is beautiful. However, some serious work is required to keep it that way!

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