Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Sweet Reward

One restaurant I've really missed in Maryland is Sweet Tomatoes. Ed took me up to Sandy today just to get my salad fix.

I deserved it too, as I went to my first Utah Weight Watchers today. It was in a fancy facility with colorful chairs, but I missed my down-in-the-dumps Optimist Hall in Eldersburg with the ladies who have shared my weight loss journey with me.

Happily, the stresses of moving didn't sabotage me, and I actually lost a half a pound since my last weigh in a month ago!

Then, we came home to more work! The California closet is a pain to put together again, but it is now hanging on the wall in the hall, and will soon be ready to fill with my 20 boxes of music!

We were happy to see my brother-in-law, Kent drop by with two co-workers this afternoon. They were surveying some government land just a mile from our house. Kent and Barbara moved to Utah from Colorado in May, so it's nice to be in the same state with them again!

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