Saturday, December 31, 2016

Colleen and Dave

Ed and I had lunch with Colleen and Dave Saxey yesterday. I forgot to take their picture, so I thought I'd post this picture of them in 1975 (?) at what looks like a wedding shower or engagement party. Not only is Colleen from Billings (my hometown), but she was also my roommate at BYU when she met and fell in love with her boss on the landscaping crew!

They haven't changed a bit in 40 years! It was fun catching up with them. It's nice to be close to old friends again!

I realize I don't know everyone in these pictures! Maybe they were friends of Dave and Colleen from work!

If anyone can name them all, I will be mightily impressed!


  1. The bottom picture...I don't remember any last names but the gal who was sitting is Irene Lappalainen (she is Finnish and I have no idea how her last name is spelled.) The guy sitting is Marco. We all worked on the same crew. Can't remember the girl standing on the far left but she was Finnish, too and was a friend of Irene and had dated Dave before me.
    The middle picture...on the far left was Sandy,then Hazel, and Marco, again.

    1. You're so smart! Especially remembering the hard Finnish names! Hazel was the only easy one for me!